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May 2017

#MSBuild - TAG group pre-day

May 9 2017

Surprise (or no surprise) - I'm in Seattle for #MSBuild this week! I'm also delighted to be part of a small Microsoft-invited group called TAG (Technical Advisory Group), composed of folks from around the world with a strong open source tech background. Our itineraries are packed, and I'll be sharing some of the sights, insights and delights alon ...

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May 8 2017

Ever found yourself finding nothing to contribute to a meeting? Or perhaps giving one piece of somewhat token input as a stakeholder and otherwise uninvolved? Yeah I get that a lot. Meetings sap hours of my productive time everyday and leave me wondering where my day went. I call it being meet-napped! I've slowly established some fairly stringent ...

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December 2016

My #100days thing

Dec 31 2016

A little over 3 months ago I started doing a thing, every day, for 100days. No one knew what it was, when it was done or why I was doing it. Earlier this week, I finished & achieved that challenge; and here's why! And that's the #100days thing project done! I'm off to write the blog reveal *flicks hair* pic.twitter.com/KFXYHB33lj&mda ...

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State of the version

PHP version roundup

Dec 15 2016

It's become somewhat of a tradition to do a PHP version round up at the end of the year. In 2014 Anthony Ferrara posted PHP versions in the wild and last year I continued the tradition (with his blessings) with my PHP version roundup post. This is a continuation of that post. In this post I'll be detailng: patch version fragmentation % change ...

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Give contributing a go

Asking for help is the hardest part

Dec 4 2016

For the first time in 12+ months I made a code contribution to open source and it feels awesome! I'm delighted to say homebrew now includes PHP 7.1 (less than 48 hours after release). A lot of hard work goes into FOSS and the communities around it; and most of my time has been community centric and not code. In part its because I'm busy on the co ...

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