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July 2016

I'm leaving Australia

And here's why...

Jul 26 2016

There I said it, I'm leaving Australia! And here's why. On August 9th (in exactly two weeks) I'll be flying out of Australia. Why you ask? Good question. The Australian Census (more formally known as the Census of Population and Housing) is a compulsory survey of everyone in Australia, and of their dwellings and its happening on August 9th. I ...

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A year in the life

To the stratosphere and beyond!

Jul 22 2016

A year ago today I walked through the front doors of MYOB HQ in Glen Waverly and its been one hell of a 12 months! This weekend has been a chance to reflect on what an amazing year its been! And yet its impossible to boil down the entire year into a single blog post. 525, 600 minutes; so how does one measure the year? It started with an announcem ...

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February 2016

It's time for a new build!

What to do with a shiny new box!

Feb 2 2016

So I finally replaced my personal laptop - fresh MBP 13" machine! Here's a partially exhaustive list of devtools and configuration for machines I run. Networking I run Buffered VPN, so its first on the download list alongside Chrome, Iterm2 and Slack (I'll configure the 16+ teams I'm a member of later on). OSX has an official download tool for t ...

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January 2016

Travel Tips From an Evangelist

Surviving life on the road

Jan 31 2016

Three states in three days - or more! Life on the road can be fun and exhilarating but equally exhausting at the same time. Earlier this month I bounced between Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in 48 hours! Here’s a few handy tips and tricks I use to manage life on the road and make it as bearable (and enjoyable) as possible! Use travel time wisel ...

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How is my SDK global config provided?

Comparing callbacks and promises

Jan 27 2016

If you follow my tweets/rants you’ll know I’ve been dabbling in NodeJS recently - specifically to build a CLI tool (and potentially more) around some reporting work I’m doing. One of the features I have in this CLI tool is the ability to self-review local configuration; think git config of sorts. In my case I'd like to know things about SDK confi ...

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