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Have you heard about BuzzConf?

I’ve been asked a lot about BuzzConf recently. There’s a lot of buzz, but what is it!

The brain child of two arguably insane chaps Rick and Ben, it’s a future technology festival complete with camping, hacking, workshops and robots. Nuts right!

Touted as the most incredible techno-social-marvel of 2015, BuzzConf combines the thought sharing and dangerous technological thinkers .

Yeah yeah ok, I’ll put my promoter hat down.

I’m really excited about BuzzConf for one pure and simple reason: it’s different!

Instead of lecture theatres and whiteboards and projectors there are workshops, campfires, live music and (actual) hackathons. It’s everything I love about technology without the boring.

Oh, and did I mention I’m speaking as well? Tag along to my future tech for the office session as I team up with Keran McKenzie!

So what are you waiting for! Grab a ticket, pack up the tent and I’ll see you at BuzzConf! I even scored you a discount if you register with the coupon developerjack!



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