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I have some news

Hey there folks! Three years ago I met a slightly crazy kiwi at an API conference and we hit it off like a house on fire. A few weeks later I started working for the chap – and what an adventure its been! Since...

Publishing on Gutenberg

Over the past few weeks I've been migrating my blog from being a static site built with Hugo to a site running on WordPress. Having been away from the CMS space for over 3 years, whats it like returning to use...

API specs are for more than just docs

OpenAPI is an excellent tool for defining an API, yet its often treated as just a documentation tool. In this post, I’ll explore how an OpenAPI spec can drive many parts of your API lifecycle.

Releasing software during the holidays

And so we reach the end of another coding-year, and while many of us are plotting our holiday hacks and offline AR (actual reality) adventures, there are a few folks who still have to launch features over the break.

Enums are schema too

Backwards compatibility is one of the most crucial factors of when and how to release a new feature. Maintaining a stable API while constantly improving your service is critical – you don’t want to be breaking...


Ever found yourself finding nothing to contribute to a meeting? Or perhaps giving one piece of somewhat token input as a stakeholder and otherwise uninvolved? Yeah, I get that a lot. Meetings sap hours of my productive...