Adventures in Engineering
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A Bit of exciting news!

When I left devrel last year, a few wise friends told me “you’ll be back before you know it”. To be frank, I was burned out, and at the time I told them it will be a few years until I dip my toes into the evangelism and advocacy space again.

Well, my friends – you were right; and sooner than I predicted too!

This week I joined the @azureadvocates team at Microsoft as Program Manager for our cloud advocacy team! I’ll be championing developer experience and community engagement for cloud and Azure for Australia as part of a global team.

Having watched a huge number of well-respected technologists worldwide join Microsoft engineering in the last year or so, I’m thrilled to be following the crowd and I can’t wait to work with so many fantastic people.

Does that mean I’ll be returning to a meetup or conference near you? Maybe. A huge part of my role is to support, enable and amplify the work that our cloud advocates across the globe (with a focus on the local Aussie based team). That means you’ll probably see Aaron, Scott, Dave,  Sonia, Damian or Orin instead of me (and that’s a good thing! 🤣).

Once I find my feet (and in a company this size that might take more than a day or two), I’ll be looking for ways we can support communities across Australia and the region by connecting you with people at Microsoft and in our broader network. If you need a guest lecture for a class, a presentation to your incubator or someone to inspire your meetup I’d love to connect you with the team that can help make that happen!

Now, I’m off to find me some stickers and swag…