Adventures in Engineering

Coming home to Oz

Hey there everyone,

As you know I’ve spent the last little while based in Kuala Lumpur where I’ve been leading the rapid transformation of the software development teams at ABSS. In that time, we’ve completely changed our technology roadmap, kicked off new R&D initiatives (and partnerships) and unified some of the key processes that drive the way we build and maintain software. I’m really excited to see the teams ship key features over the next few months!

Doing this has also required frequent travel back and forth from Sydney (where my family still is) and some would argue I’ve actually been based in an a330 somewhere over the Java or Timor Sea’s… or a Qantas lounge. In 2018 I averaged about 12.7 km/hr for the entire year. That’s nuts! By the end of this week I’ll have spent 134 of the past 184 days travelling, and between October and December, I visited the Qantas lounge in Changi airport at least weekly, either inbound or outbound! I even have my regular cocktail on arrival… Yikes!

I’ve learned an incredible amount in such a short period of time – it really has been a phenomenal experience. However, after 6 amazing months, my term at ABSS is coming to a close and it’s time for me to return back to Oz for the year ahead. 

Whats next you ask? Well, I don’t have any news to share just yet.

I’m looking forward to getting back into the local tech community in Sydney and learning about all the exciting projects that everyone is working on! If you’re building something different, quirky, impactful or inspiring in 2019 I’d love to learn more!