Adventures in Engineering

What am I listening to?

I recall the wave of podcast popularity years back and I’d always have my earbuds in listening while I delivered junk mail twice a week (fun fact – yup, I was that guy!)

Fast forward, and I’m finding myself listening to podcasts all the time once more. At the end of last year they were a great way to fill time on flights. These days they fill my morning walk to coffee, or my wander home of an evening.

So whats good to listen to? Here’s what I’m enjoying:

Syntax FM
A twice-weekly podcast from Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski with a focus on freelancing, making, coding and building. Especially great if you’re into or learning JavaScript in the React ecosystem (but it’s still fun if not)

Art of Product
Makers and builders Derrick Reimer and Ben Orenstein catch up weekly and explore their Level and Tuple respectively.

Full Stack Radio
In this fortnightly cast, Adam Wathan hosts a different guest to chat all things web-dev! It’s a healthy splattering of front-end, back-end, various tech stacks and interesting takes from leaders around the web. If you’re a polyglot builder or maker you’ll love this one!

Bootstrapped Web
A fun weekly catch up as Jordan Gal grows CartHook, and Brian Casel builds products like ProcessKit and Audience Ops. It’s a first hand take at bootstrapping businesses on the web.

Screaming in the Cloud
Hell hath no snark like Corey on a roll! This wonderfully witty take on all things cloud is hosted by Corey Quinn. Whilst AWS centric, it’s a wise commentary on cloud operations in general and especially relevant for anyone making strategic decisions with their cloud infrastructure and strategy. It’s out most weeks.

Startups For the Rest of Us
Rob and Mike explore all things entrepreneurship. They also give me frequent FOMO from not attending MicroConf!

But wait! There’s more! I also enjoy these less frequently released podcasts on occasion and you might to!

  • North Meets South, from my mate Michael with a heavy PHP and Laravel spin.
  • Arrested DevOps has some fun tidbits and guests every few weeks! Co-hosted by a rotation of wonderful DevOps community folks!
  • CodePen Radio comes from our friends at CodePen and covers some interesting web and tech topics from in and around CodePen.
  • Indie Hackers hosts some interesting interviews with builders and makers hacking together their startups.
  • Risky Business gives me a weekly round up from the infosec world.
  • Product Hunt Radio features some interesting interviews and perspectives (though its very SV/VC focused).

What are you listening to? Tweet me your favourite weekly Podcast if its not listed above and tell me why!