Adventures in Engineering

So long and thanks for the phpish!

A little over seven years ago I signed up for a small community group for a talk about PHP. A year or so later I caught up with Dave (who happened to be a colleague at the time) to propose giving my first public talk at the very same group – SydPHP. I had no idea that a few short months later I’d be taking the helm for the user group for the following year. Fast forward to tonight and I’ve been involved in the SydPHP community for almost half a decade.

And so its with my brief announcement at tonights meetup that I’m passing the baton to Ollie to lead the SydPHP team and community as we head into 2018.

It’s been a privilege to lead so many community events in this time. In that time we hit some awesome milestones for the community. Phunconf 4.0 and 5.0 were an absolute blast, as was the 20 years of PHP party and our lightning talks nights every year. To everyone who helped make them happen a very, very heartfelt thank you!

Naturally, none of that would be possible without the awesome team that’s helped run SydPHP over the past 5 years. Meetups and events don’t happen by themselves and I was by no means the only person involved. Ollie, Ally, Michael and Dave – you folks ROCK! Thank you for everything you did front and back of stage.

What about me? Well, I’ll still be around, geeking out at meetups and no doubt speaking at a few events too. 🙂

Until then, Ollie – its over to you!