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API specs are for more than just docs

OpenAPI is an excellent tool for defining an API, yet its often treated as just a documentation tool. In this post, I’ll explore how an OpenAPI spec can drive many parts of your API lifecycle.

Releasing software during the holidays

And so we reach the end of another coding-year, and while many of us are plotting our holiday hacks and offline AR (actual reality) adventures, there are a few folks who still have to launch features over the break.

The Weekly – #15

Howdy! This week I had a few exciting days in our Melbourne engineering HQ deep diving in all things API for 2018, lots of exciting news to share… soon! I’m a little crook this weekend so I’ll keep it brief – a...

The Weekly – #14

The Weekly – #14

Howdy! This week I’ve been (mostly) off having a brief holiday in Wellington! The hotel gave us a lovely rainbow welcome and it was a perfect kick back’n relax few days. Along the way I kicked back at #bsideswlg...

The Weekly – #12

G’day! This week was full of excellent content – some of which you’ll find in this week’s links! Also super excited to make some great progress on a project that will be launched soon™. Until then… the weekly: 7...

Purposeful first commit

“Initial commit” is so uninspiring yet we’ve all committed it somewhere! I’ve recently found myself creating a noticeable handful of repositories for various projects and it got me thinking: whats in a first commit...