Ramblings of an Engineer

The Weekly – #10

Welcome good readers!

This edition is brought to you from #Hack4Refugees! Teams hacking on their ideas over the past 24 hours with a focus on solving problems for new Australians! Some of the big themes are skills recognition and service discovery. This is honestly one of the most humbling and smile-invoking events of the calendar (i.e. you totally have to be here next year)!

You might have also seen my “Minimum Viable Rainbow” talk at #githubconstellation on Wednesday where I shared that pride.codes is on track to serve half a million rainbows by the close of the Marriage Equality Survey. Quite frankly: woohoo! =D

So to this week’s links! I’ve been so busy speaking and mentoring I’ve barely done any reading so just three to share today.

We’re on the rapid approach to the end of the year and that means rumours of a MeetupMixup in Sydney! Stay tuned for announcements to come over on the @meetupmixup twitters!

Until next week!