Ramblings of an Engineer

The Weekly – #2

Hello again, and welcome to another weekly!

Blimey, what a week! I don’t think I’ve had so many high’s and low’s in one week for quite a few months but alas here we are, 7 days on and lots to share.

I’ve been musing a lot on API documentation and technical communication in general. Naturally, that’s led to a number of interesting reads – a few of which are below.

This week’s links explore best practices, API documentation, mentorship and a deep dive into Facebook’s dynamic analysis tool. Oh, and Phil Sturgeon has opinions on APIs and JSON – who knew!

Upcoming events

For any Aussie readers (and specifically Sydneysiders like myself) there’s a few events coming up you should be across. Hacking Homelessness is in 2 weeks time, and Hack4Refugees pre-announced their next hackathon will be October 27-29. There are also a handful of Web Directions events coming up.

Thats it for this week, thanks for reading!