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The Weekly – #5

Howdy weekly readers!

This post comes drafted from #AlterConf in Melbourne and published (exhausted) from my couch at home. As a result I have just three interesting reads to share with you this week and they are short and sweet and to the point.

Open source forks and splits

It’s been an arguably tumultuous week or so in the open source web with hhvm announcing it won’t target/support php7 (it’s forking, again…), WordPress backed away from ReactJS and then over the weekend Facebook shared they’re renouncing ReactJS’s patents BSD+patents license in favour of MIT. And naturally that means we’re all guessing what that means for WordPress’s announcement. I mean it’s all been very busy in the FOSS web world. I recommend giving each post its due time to read and process as they each make an excellent point and commentary on the state of the web.

Until next week!