Adventures in Engineering

The Weekly #17

Hello there and welcome to 2018! I am your weekly blogger and this week I have some thought provoking material to kick off your 2018 planning.

Shuffles papers on desk and waits for the news headlines to roll.

Yes this week we’re back to the keyboard and that means its time for The Weekly once more! Over the break you might have noticed my post about releasing software during holidays or my rant on Twitter about red-button-mongering. I also got to play a lot with Python+Flask and VueJS with an exciting side project I might release soon. You know, if I finish it =D

As we kick off the new year I also want to highlight that I’m volunteering my time for anyone that needs to remove gendered relationships from their product!

Please be warmly invited to reach out!

And onwards to this week’s links! I have four interesting reads that I hope will kick off your thought process for 2018 whether it be product strategy, open source contribution or your approaching to testing and delivering high quality software.

And so welcome back, and cheers [raises glass] to the year ahead!