Adventures in Engineering

On the road as evangelist

I’m extremely happy to share that I’ll be joining MYOB at the end of July as API Evangelist across Australia and New Zealand. It’s an exciting opportunity for me to help developers nation-(and NZ)-wide to help build awesome software using our APIs while working closer with the local tech community in the API space.

What about PHP you might ask? I’ve loved working with my current team building some awesome projects in PHP – but it’s time for an exciting change. I’ll still be around the PHP world but my tweets etc. will vary a lot more. Expect to see some .NET, Ruby, and Node in there as well! The time has come for me to become slightly more polyglot – a challenge I’m eagerly awaiting come the end of July!

I’m looking forward to being at more user groups, conferences, meetups, hackathons and pretty much all the tech events you can imagine!

This also feels like the perfect opportunity to say a big thank you to a few people who’ve been absolutely amazing and encouraging in the past 12 months. To Davey Shafik (for his incredibly kind and encouraging tweet), Steve King (for his constant advice), Katie McLaughlin (for her amazing work behind the scenes in open source) and Steven Cooper (who, from somewhere in APAC, convinced me that becoming an evangelist would be a good idea!) – I want to say a huge thank you!


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