Adventures in Engineering

So long, Farewell!

I write this as a short farewell to the amazing team at NLM.

I started at NLM a little over 12 months ago working in BAU support and development team for Vogue, GQ, Homelife, and Body+Soul. It’s been an amazing year and we’ve done some awesome engineering in the process! I’m going to miss these guys!

Release Processes

We completely rebuild our build process and accidentally rebuilt one of our sites responsively too! In fact the team (JamesBen and DJ) did such as awesome job we were able to bring our production release cycle down to just a few short minutes! It’s thanks to 6 months of hard work by this team that I was able to share the experience in my Agile Tour Sydney talk last year.

R & D

Following our release automation we were shoulder-tapped for an internal R & D team to help championNewsCorp’s cloud-first directive. We’ve a proof of concept zero-to-production docker based pipeline in under 6 minutes (and that’s without optimisation or parallelisation). I’ll blog more (on what I can) soon!

API First

With all our new engineering we’re also taking an API & microservice approach to much of the development, an exciting change that I’m thrilled to have played a part in over the last three months Obviously I can’t share too much, but its an exciting change in the team’s engineering thinking and I can’t wait to see some of their new products go live. I’ll share some notes and tricks once I find the time to flesh them out with code.

So thank you friends! And thank you Stu, for this … unforgettable… farewell card!


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