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December 2016

My #100days thing

Dec 31 2016

A little over 3 months ago I started doing a thing, every day, for 100days. No one knew what it was, when it was done or why I was doing it. Earlier this week, I finished & achieved that challenge; and here's why! And that's the #100days thing project done! I'm off to write the blog reveal *flicks hair* pic.twitter.com/KFXYHB33lj&mda ...

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State of the version

PHP version roundup

Dec 15 2016

It's become somewhat of a tradition to do a PHP version round up at the end of the year. In 2014 Anthony Ferrara posted PHP versions in the wild and last year I continued the tradition (with his blessings) with my PHP version roundup post. This is a continuation of that post. In this post I'll be detailng: patch version fragmentation % change ...

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Give contributing a go

Asking for help is the hardest part

Dec 4 2016

For the first time in 12+ months I made a code contribution to open source and it feels awesome! I'm delighted to say homebrew now includes PHP 7.1 (less than 48 hours after release). A lot of hard work goes into FOSS and the communities around it; and most of my time has been community centric and not code. In part its because I'm busy on the co ...

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August 2016

Install PHP7.1 on OSX with homebrew

now 3 commands and an update!

Aug 26 2016

Last year I published this handy guide for installing PHP 7 on homebrew. This week, I went and bumped my local machine to the new 7.1 beta3^, and here's how. If you've already installed 7 locally, chances are you've already run a simple sudo xcodebuild -license to sort out Xcode's license agreement. Steps to upgrade ^Update — 3rd December 2016 ...

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July 2016

Continuous TLS

Never worry about another certificate renewal again!

Jul 30 2016

This is a quick code dump post to share a script for automating LetsEncrypt certificate renewals for my blog! What is LetsEncrypt? LetsEncrypt is a certificate authority who's goal is to provide free certificates to help encrypt the web! It's backed by well known internet and privacy organisations such as EFF, Mozilla, Akamai and Cisco. My blog ...

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